• A counter with bar chairs and two TV screens
  • Private lanes with targets
  • Bartender serving drinks to two guests at the bar

The Axe Joint

About us

The inception of The Axe Joint was focused around creating an inviting staple of the entertainment scene in the Downtown Summerville area that attracts the local bar scene with a twist! We loved the Downtown Summerville area so much, we felt it necessary to add to the charm everyone is so attached to.   The Axe Joint Throwing Lounge is the first ax-throwing experience in Summerville!

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Lane Today

Closed Toe Shoes Required!

Lane Fees are $25 per person per hour or $35 per person for two hours!

Axe throwing is a game of darts, but with axes! This thrilling activity is an incredible way to celebrate a special occasion or to enjoy a day out with your family and friends.

Is this your first time throwing an axe? Our instructors are here to help you learn! With their guidance, you will become an "axe-pert" in no time!

Are you ready to join in on the axe throwing experience? Book your lane online at The Axe Joint Throwing Lounge in Summerville today! We can’t wait too see you there!